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Tortoises installed on first industry board

January 15th, 2009

I have installed all the Tortoise motors on board C, the first industrial switching module, apart from one as I am short of a few parts for the last motor (actuating wire & slide) – I think these must be at the club…I’ll check tomorrow night.

This is the current state of the underside of Board C. This is just to show you the wiring and Tortoise motors at the moment…this will look dramatically different next week! I have worked out how many detection blocks I need and also that I need two DAC10’s to control the points. I will be getting these in the next few weeks. In the meantime I will get all the wiring ready, soldered to the tag strips and all the Tortoise motors wired up ready to hook up to the DAC10’s.


Yard fencing added & other updates

December 30th, 2008

I’ve installed the yard fencing on one of the intermodal boards, along with some basic weathering around the loco storage shed, ie. oil spills around the oil tank and fuel hoses and oil stains on the tracks.

This view shows the newly installed fencing at the yard track entrance, showing the fencing and the gates:

This view shows the loco shed with some of the weathering and another view of the fencing & gates:

I have also added the Mi-Jack lanes on the second intermodal board, and will be installing the fencing on this board later today.

Here is a shot of one of the Mi-Jacks and the newly added lanes:

I have started with the trees for the farm scene- this I will finish off on the weekend as I need to pick up some supplies from Model Junction as I ran out of scenery cement and realised I need a few more highway overpasses to finish off the farm scene, plus as usual I ran out of white paint, needed to paint the windows of my barn!! Plus I am short of 4 yard lights!! Note to self…next time OVER-ESTIMATE supplies needed! Extras can always be used at a later stage or sold on Ebay…

Last night I put together a list of things still to do on the layout, and realised I had completely forgotten about wiring the tortoise motors to the DAC10 point controller! Doh! I also still need to add the two block detectors to the end boards…

On Monday I will be putting the whole layout together (one of the intermodal boards is out to give access to the garden!), clean the track and give it a run to make sure it all still works…! My task then will be to add the layout plan to Railroad & Co. and to set up a display panel to check that all the point motors and block detection work as expected and to set up a basic automation plan for the show.

Right, time for a cup of hot coffee (it is freezing out in the conservatory!) and then on with the work!


Tortoise installation completed!

March 13th, 2008

I’ve finally installed the last of my Tortoise motors on Intermodal module A. The last one involved a remote Tortoise mount…took longer than expected, and is more complicated than it looks! 40 steps on the instruction sheet…doesn’t seem like it would need so many steps, but there are a lot of little things to do that take a bit of time, most of it to do with alignment and wire bending…but at least I know how to do it now for next time!

Next to do is the installation of the Digitrax SE8C Signal Controller – that is a quick install – and the installation of the CML DAC10 turnout controller, including the connection of the Tortoise wiring.

In the meantime, here are the latest construction photos