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First test of the new yard

June 10th, 2015

I did my first test of the new yard, testing frog polarity and functioning of the turnouts.

Only two frogs needed the polarity changing, and all the turnouts threw perfectly!  I have now installed & tested all the point motors, including one Cobalt motor where there was no space for a SEEP.  I also test-fitted the yard in its final location, and all looking good.

Now just to start doing basic scenery and I can get it up in place and connected to the rest of the layout.




June 5th, 2015

Well, finally the majority of the wiring on my new yard board is completed – apart from 2 point motors still to install.  Here’s the completed wiring on the West side of the yard:

I even managed to test run a loco yesterday – so far, only one frog that needed a polarity change.  I’ll try post a video this weekend of a test run.  So, just the two point motors to install – one of them needs a new hole made, as the current one is too close to the edge of the board, meaning the Seep doesn’t fit properly.  So, I have to retrofit a hole on the other side of the throw bar…always a pain with an already laid point!  The other point needs a rethink as there is no space for a Seep due to the proximity of the other point motors.  So, either I use a remote mount option, or I get a motor like a Cobalt or similar small motor, which can fit in the space.  I’ll have a look into these new servo point motors, as they might be the solution.  Also need to find out if the DCC Concepts ADS-2fx decoder can handle a solenoid and a momentary point motor at the same time, some decoders can.

So, some investigation to do, but in the meantime will be getting the layout wall ready for the yard supports so I can test fit it.  I’ll be scenicking the yard before installing as much easier than trying to do that afterwards.  I’ll also be testing out the one dwarf signal and connecting it to the Digitrax SE8C signal decoder already installed under the intermodal yard.


Progress update

April 29th, 2015

I’ve finally got round to starting the point motor installation on the new yard board.  I’ve wired up 10 Seep PM-1 point motors – for the first time I have seen sense and have done all the wiring on the workbench!  Much simpler and fewer solder burns!

I have just finished installing the first two motors, including attaching the first of two to a 2-way DCC Concepts ADS-2fx Point Motor decoder.

The other 8 point motors will be attached to a CML DAC20 point decoder.  I’ll be setting up routes using these two decoders to make it easy to set points into and out of the yard, and these will all be controlled via a local control panel run by a CML DTM30 Towermaster Controller.

Once the points have been installed I’ll be running the main power bus and then installing the Digitrax BDL168 block detector and PSX-1 circuit breaker.

More updates to come soon!