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Progress update

April 29th, 2015

I’ve finally got round to starting the point motor installation on the new yard board.  I’ve wired up 10 Seep PM-1 point motors – for the first time I have seen sense and have done all the wiring on the workbench!  Much simpler and fewer solder burns!

I have just finished installing the first two motors, including attaching the first of two to a 2-way DCC Concepts ADS-2fx Point Motor decoder.

The other 8 point motors will be attached to a CML DAC20 point decoder.  I’ll be setting up routes using these two decoders to make it easy to set points into and out of the yard, and these will all be controlled via a local control panel run by a CML DTM30 Towermaster Controller.

Once the points have been installed I’ll be running the main power bus and then installing the Digitrax BDL168 block detector and PSX-1 circuit breaker.

More updates to come soon!



Staging yard update

March 16th, 2015

A quick yard update – I have laid all the turnouts and trackwork on the left-hand side of the yard, and am just starting on the turnouts on the right-hand side.  I’ve made a few turnout layout changes while laying track, as I didn’t allow for the slight inset cutting needed at the back of the yard to allow for the wall columns, so this meant having to move a turnout slightly to the right, meaning the back two tracks are not as long as I had planned.  But this still allows a decent length of track.

The photos below show what I finally came up with.  I just need to purchase a wye turnout & one more left-hand turnout in order to be able to complete the right-hand side.