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Layout update 9 August

August 9th, 2015

A productive weekend – I’ve finished the benchwork for the new locomotive facility, so I can start with the track laying – well, at least I can after I have done the trackplan!

I have also laid the track for the yard lead, and connected it to the mainline.  Now just to connect it to the yard at the other end.

Lastly, I have added a new turnout from the mainline just before the tunnel, leading to a cold storage facility (based on AmeriCold Logistics, Rochelle, IL.)

I’m just waiting for a new DAC20, then I can get the yard finished (the upgraded DAC10 was giving problems) and connected to the yard lead.  Then I can finally start unpacking all those rolling stock boxes!  I’m still finding rolling stock I’d forgotten about…!

Layout update / short tour 6 August 2015

August 6th, 2015

This is the latest overview of Rochelle Intermodal, showing the new yard & proposed loco facility and giving a short tour of the other areas of the layout.  I’ll be posting another update soon once I have the new yard connected to the rest of the layout.