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The National Model Railroad Association (NMRA), an organization of model railroaders, advances the worldwide scale model railroading community through education and standards as well as advocacy and fellowship.  I have been an NMRA member for over 15 years and am busy working on getting my MMR (Master Model Railroader) certificate, via the NMRA’s Achievement Programme.

The NMRA’s Achievement Program (AP) was begun in 1961 as a way to help model railroaders excel in their hobby.  I won’t go into details here as the AP page on the NMRA’s website explains it well.  What I will do is share my progress as I work my way through the various certificates required to become an MMR.

To date I have earned the following certificates:

Golden Spike – although not an actual AP category its requirements are structured along the same lines

Association Volunteer

I am well on my way towards the Scenery and Electrical certificates, so follow my progress on this page.

Here are my current certificates:

Here are 3 fellow NMRA members who have also created blogs to show their progress along the AP path towards their MMR:

Kathy Millatt, NMRA Atlantic Director and NMRA British Region member

Alain Kap, NMRA Atlantic District Vice President & AP Programme Officer, based in Luxembourg.  He has completed 7 certificates and has one more to get which will earn him his MMR title

Gerry Leone, NMRA Vice President – Projects.  Gerry obtained his MMR in 2005, but recently started documenting his journey so others can see what is involved