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New industry for Caron Road

January 31st, 2016

I’ve started work on a new industry in the Caron Road industrial estate area of the layout, Ryder Industries ‘Rochelle Logistic Center’, which is a cold storage facility which will accept unit trains of Trinity Reefers.  I’m still working out which kits to buy, but there will be much kitbashing involved to fit the kits into the space.

So far I have fitted the track in and installed the droppers.  Next is to install the turnout motors and glue everything down.  I also found time to build another block signal!

Work session with Railroad & Co and trackwork

January 30th, 2016

Spent a lovely few hours in the train room working on my layout (adding trackwork for a new industry) and also working on my Railroad & Co automation. Managed to get my Amtrak train automated – will work nicely for operating sessions, running on an automated timetable in-between the real-life operators running their freight trains. Planning on having a Metra running on an automated schedule as well, both running between two stations. Follow my Facebook page Rochelle Intermodal for more updates.

New signals installed

January 10th, 2016

I’ve finally got round to starting on my new signals – I have built and installed two Showcase Miniatures absolute block searchlight signals.  Now that I have installed and tested these two, I can get going on the rest – quite a few to do, as well as some double-header diverging signals…!

(apologies for the rubbish photos…will take decent ones with my Canon camera soon)

I have posted updates of the signal construction to my Rochelle Intermodal Facebook page – I will be using this site for more major updates, but keep an eye on my Rochelle Intermodal Facebook page for all other updates.