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Hillside scenery & ballasting

February 7th, 2015

Today I ballasted the track at the Intermodal yard entrance to the tunnel, and added some basic ground cover.  I also added an interior to the tunnel, so when looking into the tunnel you can see the tunnel interior wall instead of just bare plaster cloth.

A lot more scenery to go, but I’ll finish the hilltop track first, then I can start on the staging yard.


Tunnel scenery work begins

February 2nd, 2015

I’ve started on the tunnel scenery by colouring & weathering the tunnel mouth & retaining walls, and also adding & colouring some small rock outcrops on the hill.  I’ve coloured some tunnel interiors & will be adding those later this week to the visible interiors of the tunnel mouths.


The start of the scenery…

April 22nd, 2008

I have just started the first layer of the scenery, the ground cover. A second layer will go over this (bushes, weeds, rocks, etc), then I will lay the ballast so that it all blends nicely.

Have a look at the Scenery Gallery to see the first bit of scenery on Rochelle Intermodal.

The first section I am working on is the ground between the main tracks and the edge of the layout. The space between the main tracks will be ballasted, so no use putting any ground cover there. I will add some bits and pieces after the ballasting has been done there, but nothing drastic…a few weeds and other detail bits (old ties, parts fallen off trains, etc).

At the moment I am looking at getting a mix of Arizona Rock & Mineral Co ballast which will be close to the colour of the ballast at Rochelle (a mix of Chicago North Western Pink Lady and CSX/SP grey). It looks like Caboose Hobbies in Denver stocks it, and I am hoping to go to Denver at the end of May, so will bring back some ballast from there. I will only be able to bring back a bit at a time, but at least I can then get started on the ballasting.

I am also about to start laying the concrete apron for the intermodal yard. I purchase sheets of styrene yesterday, along with strip wood for support, and I will hopefully be able to start on that over the weekend.

Right, time for bed…I would rather stay up to do some more scenery work, but some of us have to work…no fun 🙁