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Progress update and photos!

March 5th, 2008

Finally I have had the chance to upload some photos of the progress on Rochelle Intermodal! Click on the Photos link to view the latest photos.

Intermodal module B is now completely wired and is ready for scenery. Last night I finished off the soldering and installed the Tortoise motor (there is only one turnout on this module) . All the PowerPole connectors for power feeds between modules are wired up, along with the PowerPole connectors that carry the block detection wiring between intermodal module A and B (the block detector board, Digitrax BDL168, is on module A).

Tonight I will attempt to complete module A – at least I will get the wiring finished, but hopefully will be able to finish installing the turnout motors as well. I had to move the bus location slightly at the end of module B in order to install the Tortoise motor there, but that might not be possible on module A. I have a remote mounting kit for the Tortoise motor which I might have to use. At present I am not sure whether I will install motors on the yard tracks or find a method to switch them manually.

So, one board done and another almost done…the end modules (kindly donated by Jim Bainbridge – thanks Jim!!) need slight wiring alterations for the installation of block detection, but already have the PowerPole connectors in place for the power feeds.

I have successfully tested two signals on the main modules (intermodal modules A & B), and these work correctly, running off a JMRI PanelPro panel through the Digitrax BDL168 block detector and the Digitrax SE8C signal controller. Now all I need to do is finish installing the signals! I have been considering purchasing a few cantilever signal gantrys for the main tracks, as that will make signal installation a lot simpler, and will require less signals, as my main tracks are both bi-directional.

However, no rush for that as those can be installed at a later stage.

Right, back to work now…must earn some money to pay for all this!! 🙂


Signalling testing on Rochelle Intermodal

January 4th, 2008

I’ve been testing the signalling on Rochelle Intermodal. At present I am just using one signal, but at least I can test to see if the system works as expected. I have uploaded two videos showing the test – have a look on the Video page to see one video showing a loco entering the block with the signal changing to red, and leaving the block with the signal changing to back green. The second video shows the Panel Pro screen, showing the signal changing as the block is occupied.

More updates to come soon…just need to buy more LED’s in order to replace the existing bulbs on my NJ International signals – a 3mm tri-colour LED fits quite nicely into this signal, although a bit of work is needed to hide the wires…tricky, but it works!