Track painting and weathering started…

April 17th, 2008

Finally I have the conservatory to myself again…the modules are back up and I have started work on painting & weathering the track. I have started with the yard tracks as they are firstly wooden sleeper tracks, and secondly will be mostly hidden by the concrete apron of the yard itself. I have airbrushed these tracks with Pollyscale Roof Brown, and will be painting the rails using the brilliant Rusty Rails Painter from Joe’s Model Trains – I’ll be using the ‘Brown Rust’ paint for this.

The main tracks are going to be more of a challenge as they have concrete sleepers. I am trying to work out the best paint to use to simulate concrete sleepered track…suggestions have been made to use various shades of grey…I’ll be experimenting with a spare piece of track to see what I can come up with…

One thing I do need is prototype reference photos of concrete track – I’ve found lots of photos of wood sleepers, but not many of concrete sleepers…if you have some photos in your collection please pass them my way! Ta!

In the first (and only!) photo of this update you can see I have started to install the Hayes Wheel Stops on the yard tracks. I am just test fitting them at the moment, so they aren’t glued down yet. I am using the Tomar Industries white metal Hayes Wheel Stops.

Hopefully I will get started on the concrete tracks soon – in the meantime I might get started on the styrene base for the intermodal yard apron.

Another update coming soon!