Intermodal Yard paving installation progressing well

April 28th, 2008

I’m almost halfway through the intermodal yard paving on the first board. I have also been test fitting the loco storage track details – the loco shed with refueling, water and sand facilities as well as an old BN hopper to be used for sand storage for the sanding tower.

Latest photos are on the scenery progress page. I’ll be hopefully finishing the paving on the first board tonight – this bit is the trickiest as all the tracks here are curved…the second board will be easier as the tracks are all straight, so a lot easier to install.

To keep things simple I am not installing paving between the yard tracks – there are quite a few intermodal yards like this, so I will take advantage of that 🙂

Right, off to feed the cat, dinner for me then back to work on the modules!