Another successful show…

June 29th, 2010

Rochelle was at the NMRA’s ‘Not the Winter Meet’ at Benson this past weekend (26th June). The layout performed well, with only occasional problems caused by one dodgy loco and a few dodgy operators 🙂 Many thanks to Pete Blake and Alan Crooks for helping me set up and take layout down, and Alan Crooks & Brian Woolven for helping me operate throughout the day. Thanks guys!

Below are the latest photos taken at the show showing the latest board, Caron Street, with its new backscene. Still plenty of work needed on these boards (weathering and detailing), but they are performing well. One slight adjustment to a point needed on suggestion of Alan to allow more switching flexibility.

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Keep an eye on the website for more updates on shows later this year, the first of which will be the Seaboard Southern’s North American Show in October – more details on the Seaboard Southern website.

Till later!