Successful last show for Rochelle Intermodal

November 22nd, 2010

Rochelle Intermodal was at the White House Model Railway Group’s show in Hampton, Middlesex this past weekened, 20th November 2010.  A successful showing and also the last time the layout will be attending a show for a while, probably at least a year.  I’m not sure if I will be putting it back on the exhibition circuit again after that.  I’ll decide on that at the end of 2011.

The reason for this is to get the scenery finished, as well as finishing off the automation and the signalling.  I’m hoping to be in a new house next year with space to be able to put the layout up – at present I can only put 4 boards up, and only temporarily, which makes it quite hard to work on as I have to keep dismantling it each time.

In the meantime, enjoy the videos I took at the White House show – we were running 4 trains on the main, 2 in each direction – ah, the joy of DCC!  We were also switching the Caron Street industrial area, making it a challenge to switch around the mainline trains!  Many thanks to Alan Crooks for all his help setting up, operating and taking down the layout – your help is always appreciated, Alan!

Right, here are the videos:

Keep an eye on my website for more updates as I get to work on the scenery work.  Rochelle will be based in the Seaboard Southern clubroom for a while, enabling me to have it set up all the time and also to allow the others a chance to run on it.