Long overdue update!

March 30th, 2012

A long overdue update!  My wife and I are now settled in our new house and have finished all the renovations, which means I can now concentrate on fitting out the garage.  I am planning on insulating it and installing lighting & a decent floor.

The garage is 19ft by 12ft, so a decent amount of space.  Unfortunately not long enough to have the layout up in its full configuration, but I am working on a track plan which will add in two more corners and – hopefully – a yard, which will finally enable me to factor in proper operations.  I’m also looking into the possibility of…wait for it…building a multilevel layout!

As I am no longer taking Rochelle Intermodal to exhibitions, I am going to look into a cantilever system to hang the layout from the wall, allowing for (removable) storage underneath, allowing for access if needed to the underneath of the boards.  As the weather warms up I can get started on the garage, but in the meantime I’m trying to see what I can work out with the track plan.

So, keep an eye out for further updates in the coming months.