Progress at last!

December 9th, 2013

This weekend was very productive as I finally got to work on building new boards for the layout.  I have now completed the 4 boards that join the two sections of the layout together.  I just need to varnish them and attach adjustable feet, then they will be ready for tracklaying.  The deadline?  Christmas Day, as I promised my nephew he would be able to run trains then…!

I have also finished my workshop, with wall-mounted storage compartments so I can finally find all my tools and bits.  To give you an example of why this was needed, while I was unpacking boxes filled with bits and pieces, I found 7 decoders I didn’t realise I had…!  Now they are all in one box marked ‘N scale decoders’…!  I have also put up my spray booth, with the hose going outside via a vent in the wall, meaning I don’t have to unpack the booth each time I want to spray something.  All I now need to do is find space for the compressor and run a hose up to the side of the booth for the airbrush.

Finally, here is the completed room, complete with posters, railroad signs and my AP certificates.  Now all that is missing is a heater for those cold winter days!