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We have the power…

May 29th, 2013

and lights…!

Yesterday the electricians came and finished wiring up the layout room – so now we have lights and power!

I have plastered & painted the ceiling and rafters, and also have painted the walls.  I’m just finishing off the pillars to hide the brick (you can see the finished result in the photo above, the finished pillars are on the left).  I am now test-fitting the flooring and will get that done during this week and early next week.  Then I can finally get the layout up!  I have a few items I will be adding to the walls, such as a display cabinet, TV (of course!) and various railroad memorabilia, along with a few vintage posters and a surprise item.

Here is a photo showing the test fit of the flooring, which came from our lounge after we had a water leak from upstairs bathroom – luckily the flooring survived (insurance made us take it up as water was trapped underneath) and our flooring guy suggested I put it in the garage – great idea of his!

So, the next photos should show the completed room and the layout up – then I can finally get started on the detailing and weathering of the layout and construction of new boards (more details to come).  So you will be glad to hear that very soon my posts will be all about model railroading again!

See you soon!

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All lights up and ceiling 85% done!

April 10th, 2013

Thanks to the huge help from Graham yesterday, the three fluorescent light fittings are now up in the garage and ready for wiring in.  The ceiling is 85% finished as well!  So, this coming weekend I will finish the ceiling and start filling all the screw holes and the joints between the wall and ceiling boards.  The electricians are booked in for the end of this month, so exciting times ahead!  This time next month the garage should be painted and ready for the flooring to be laid…

Here is the latest photo showing the lights and ceiling:

Thank you, Graham, your help was much appreciated!  The 8 hours spent grafting away was worth it – and we had great fun doing it – just a pity we are both a bit knackered and in pain today…the joy of being over 40!

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First light installed!

April 1st, 2013

A very productive long weekend.  I finished installing the plywood walls (just the pillars to do now) and have almost finished the roof woodwork – I sort of miscalculated the wood needed and am short of a few lengths!  Plus I somehow forgot to order the last few insulation boards…so I couldn’t finish insulating the ceiling!  Doh!  But at least the framework is in place and ready for insulating.

But the most exciting bit is that I installed plasterboard on the ceiling in 2 places – and installed the first fluorescent light fitting!  Next weekend I will get the rest of the ceiling insulated and then my good friend Graham from my railroad club is coming next Wednesday to help me with the rest of the ceiling – a lot easier with two people!

So, here are photos part of the ceiling and of the new light fitting – the end is truly in sight!

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